Automatically Share an USB Drive

Automatically share an USB drive and other external drives within your local network/LAN every time you connect them to the PC. This is what we are offering you.

SharePlugger = Auto Sharing

Every time you connect an USB Drive, memory stick, SD Card or other external drive to Windows you need to manually set up the network sharing again. Over-and-over-again. Annoying.

The SharePlugger software will take care of the sharing for you! It will automatically share your desired external drives every time you connect them to your PC.

Moreover it will ensure that all the relevant setting are set correctly. So you don't have to be a Windows Security Expert to do this safely. It takes care of things like: turning on sharing in Windows, creating secure user accounts which are used only for sharing, setting share security and much more. See the User Guide for all the actions it will perform for you.

Online Users guide
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Who Cares?

Natasha cares. She now quickly shares all the pictures and videos from her phone in her home network.

Roy cares. When he visits customers he now safely shares project files on their LAN and can get their edits.

Mark cares. Now he can backup all important files from the main server directly to an USB drive on his PC.

Cheryl cares. This is the easiest and safest way to exchange photos, music, videos with her friends.

Try the Download. It is Free!

Try the easy road to sharing your USB stick, external HDD, memory card, SD card, CompactFlash and other External Storage Device on your network/LAN. This is the missing feature that should have been in Windows. Try SharePlugger. It is Free!

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How to Share a Drive (Manually)

Like to learn how you can manually share a drive under Windows (without using SharePlugger)? Learn all the things that SharePlugger will do automatically for you. See all the How-to's links we have collected for you.

Tech Notes on file sharing

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Like SharePlugger? Like what we are doing and would like to buy a license for SharePlugger? For commercial use it is only €5 per computer. Consider paying. It helps keep this software vibrant. Do it now or you will forget since the software will not nag you for it.
Or would you like to make a small donation? It is possible. It is a way of saying 'thank you' that we value a lot.

About us

Technology is exploding left and right. It has already become impossible to keep up. We think it is just plain bad that every new release of Windows has us clicking more and more screens to get even the simplest things done. We like things simple. We like it fast & easy. So are making software and servers that just do that (go straight from A to B) and nothing else.

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Check out that help manual
2012-10-05 01:15

The 'Online User Guide' is insane! Such a small free app with such a complete help file. If the help is already this good how much time did you spend on the code??

Video well done
2012-07-14 01:10

Nice video. Really well done. Very clear. WOW many uses for this software

Nice software
2012-08-05 16:10

Thank you guys for making this software. Now that I have it, I use it all the time. I can't understand how I did it before SharePlugger.